Support our students by using your experience as a developer, help students with finding the perfect job using your HR skills or support students with legal questions and processes with your legal background.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will contribute to improving the lives of others through free education
  • You will become better expert of your own craft by teaching
  • You will be exposed to different cultures and different ways of thinking & working
  • You will become a part of Migracode’s professional network, including tech Meetups, companies, NGO’s and other professional developers
  • You will get first-hand experience in working in the NGO sector

“Our program is for 99% powered and made possible by volunteers. Without this strong community, we would not be able to support vulnerable groups in Barcelona and offer them new opportunities in life.

Vincent van Grondelle – Program Manager of Migracode Barcelona

Four ways to get involved


Are you a software developer, a programmer, you can code? Join our instructor team!


Remote Slack

Teach or support a class

Become a

And more..!


Are you great with CV’s, LinkedIn, training and job interview training etc.? Join our employability team!


Soft Skill

Job Interview

Motivation letter

And more..!


Are you a lawyer or do you have a legal/migration background? Join our legal team!

Write asylum requests/appeals

Offer general legal information

Help with migration procedures

Explain legal documents

And more..!


Are you a psychologist with experience in working with migrants? Join our mental health team!



Help deal with

Make a direct

And more..!

Time commitment

We know how hard it can be to volunteer next to your job, your family life or even next to other volunteering work you may do. Therefore, we offer many various sorts of volunteering, of which the majority is completely flexible, meaning you can choose when and how to help, either one-to-one or in our classes.

Covid-safe volunteering

All our current class activities are safely carried out online and that also includes all volunteer possibilities. During the few in-person activities that we do when Covid-restrictions allow us, we strictly adhere to ANY Covid-measure that we are obliged to keep into account (and even a bit more strict).

New: one-time volunteering through Masterclasses

While before we were only searching for more steady volunteers, we have now introduced a new way of one-time volunteering: giving a Masterclass to our students and grads!

Use your technical, employability or other professional experience to develop and give a masterclass and get to know MigraCode while gaining great teaching/training experience.

Just a few requirements

Experience in and knowledge of the field you would like to support us with. We don’t have a large management team so you need to be able to work independently

A good level of English is required to help at Migracode Barcelona. Speaking Spanish, Catalan and/or Arabic is considered to be a great advantage

Of course we also understand you want to get professional experience – which you will -, but the main reason for joining Migracode should be an intrinsic motivation to support vulnerable groups

More detailed information

Our Volunteer Guide & Curriculum

Do you want to read more details on how our classes work, or about the different roles of volunteering? Check the Volunteer Guide for more information, or check the curriculum for the technical details of our course!

How to apply?

At the moment, applications for new volunteers are closed. However, if you think you can contribute, please send an email + motivation + your experience to, or stay up to date about new volunteer opportunities by leaving your email address below. Or: check out the option to give a one-time masterclass!