Our classes are given by IT professionals who work in tech companies in and around Barcelona. They are dedicating their time to Migracode Barcelona and without them the project would not be possible! Find a part of our voluntary instructor team in the below section.

Ricard Moré

Emotional Salary. I like sharing my experience in my professional job as software engineer, and I love doing volunteering on the field. So Migracode can be a perfect match.

Emil D.

I am a self-taught developer that believes most people have the capacity to learn programming. This art has many sides, some analytical, some emotional. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with people interested and learning from their responses.

Sebastian R.

Fullstack developer, relentlessly resourceful entrepreneur and idealist daydreamer, looking to change the world (for good) through tech education bit by bit.

Juan Camilo Londoño Quintero

I am dynamic and I embrace changes, I have analytical, communication and leadership skills. I’ve been gaining experience a multicultural and multilingual team working experience. Self-improvement is in my DNA. I want to be part of a great change.

Àngel Fernández

Software developer at Holaluz and contributor to Coopdevs. Trying to make a positive change in the world.

Joan Albert Segura

I’m a computer science student and a self-taught software developer. I love writing code, but I love even more how there’s always much more to learn. I’m passionate about how teaching new technologies can change peoples lives.

Ricardo Carvalho

Expat mobile and back-end developer, trying to inspire people by making good use of the knowledge acquired in over 10 years of experience.

Alex Ferrando

I’m a back-end developer primarily, but also love to tinker with other parts of an app’s stack. Wanting to use my knowledge in ways that move the world for the better.

Adrià Gil

Frontend developer and interaction designer in love with React. Blockchain enthusiast and fan of data visualization. Hobbyist of creative coding + music with Processing, Max/MSP and Eurorack synth systems.

Irene M.

I am a self-taught front-end developer. After more than 10 years of experience, I can’t wait to share my knowledge with other people!

Giorgio Palvera

I’ve been practicing software development for the last 15 years and worked with many different technologies in different contexts. I genuinely love teaching especially when it comes to frontend development.

Mozafar Haider

Hi, my name is Mozafar. I am a software developer who just moved from Glasgow and now living in Barcelona. In Glasgow, I helped start a similar project, CodeYourFuture, teaching refugees and disadvantaged groups coding.

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