Do you need new developers in your tech team?

A hidden supply of skilled and motivated people

Finding outstanding employees within the IT sector has always been a challenge. At the same time, many qualified people – migrants, refugees and asylum seekers – have arrived in Spain and are eager to work as an IT professional, but often do not have the opportunity to do so.


A new and much-promising approach

To fill this gap, Migracode Barcelona aims to connect IT companies to people with a migration background who have followed our intensive seven-month coding course. Our graduates are highly motivated and have acquired the necessary knowledge to work as Junior Web Developers.


Two hiring opportunities

A student as new employee

Most of our students are fully ready to be a fulltime employee after finishing our course and are highly motivated to start working

A student as an intern or trainee

Some of our students want to gain more experience and training, and would fit perfectly in a training or internship program

Discover our current students

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