A hidden supply of motivated people

Finding outstanding employees within the IT sector has always been a challenge. At the same time, many qualified people – migrants, refugees and asylum seekers – have arrived in Spain and are eager to work as an IT professional, but often do not have the opportunity to do so.

MigraCode Barcelona delivers highly-skilled graduates to your company, cost-free and with many other benefits through our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Two hiring opportunities

Full Time Employee

Most of our students are fully ready to be a fulltime employee after finishing our course and are highly motivated to start working


Some of our students want to gain more experience and training, and would fit perfectly in a training or internship program

Why hire Migracode graduates?

Our students have an extraordinary, intrinsic drive to be Junior Web Developers and have dedicated hundreds of hours into learning how to code through our program, and are eager to continue their journey at your company

The majority of our students posses a work permit and can start right away at your company. If they don’t have it yet, we try to help everyone involved in the hiring process to find hiring opportunities

All our students bring diversity and new perspectives into your company culture, as we have students from all over the world, including people from Syria, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many other nationalities

Our students have a high variety of different professional backgrounds, and many of the students will carry their previous professional experience from their home country to your company

Let’s recruit! How to start?

You can contact our students directly or through us. Their CV’s, LinkedIn and GitHub: it’s all on our website. Cost-free recruitment of highly motivated people with great skills: all through Migracode Barcelona.