Let’s work together to make an even bigger social impact in and around Barcelona. Together we are stronger and we can collaborate to support people in difficult situations even better.


Send your users to our course

We start coding courses every 3-5 months, and we are always looking for motivated people who have a migration background and who do not have equal access to the labour market.

Let our students use your services

If you want to reach more people who need support, we can collaborate by sending our students to your organisation to make use of your services (legal, social, practical, etc.).

with trainings

Let our students join your trainings to improve their skills or offer your trainings directly to our groups, like soft skills or employability trainings.

Cultural and social exchange

We can organise events together to increase cultural and social exchange between our students, our volunteers and your users to promote inclusion and integration.

Examples of existing collaborations

Logo pequeño


Eicascantic is helping our students with legal and practical support, and they send potential students to our course.


Logo Ficat


FICAT has sent various students to our course and they continued to support these students during their Migracode course.


Sin título | CEAR


CEAR has sent various students to our organisation and some of our students have already made use of their services to refugees and migrants.


Are you interested in becoming our partner or in collaborating through other ways? Please contact us at barcelona@migracode.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible.