Start a new career in tech

Applications are open for our upcoming courses. You don’t need a technical background and we offer professional support during our course. Our current courses are in English, and we have two weekly classroom activities of four hours each.

Why study at Migracode?

No participation costs

Our education is free and we even offer you the required materials if you need them, so you can focus on the course.

Connecting you to companies

We have many connections in the tech-sector and we will bring you in touch with potential employers.

Become part of our community

You will be part of our tech-migrant community which involves locals, migrants, companies and many volunteers.

What will you learn?

Module 1: HTML & CSS


HTML and CSS are the building blocks of any website and in this module we teach you how to use them well. You will learn how to make responsive, modern websites as well as the soft skills you need to know to become a programmer.

Modules 2, 3 & 4: JavaScript


Over nine weeks, we take you from writing your first javascript program all the way to the most modern tools and techniques. You’ll learn how to make website’s interactive and to write excellent, clean code. 

Module 5: React


React is a modern framework that makes creating complex website’s in a reusable way very easy. In this module we teach how React works and why it is a great way to make websites in 2018.

Module 6: Databases/Node


Databases and Node go hand in hand and are essential for any modern web application. In this module we teach you how a server works, how to build an api and how to write code that scales, while also teaching the theory and implementation of a database.

Module 7: Real Life Project


In the last part of our course, you will work in a small team to develop a product. The project is a simulation of how you would have to work in a tech company, and encourages you to combine all the things you have learned during the course.

Module 8: Soft Skills


Throughout the course, we offer various soft skills trainings to fully prepare you to work in a team inside a tech company. For instance, we offer effective communication trainings, personality trainings and professional writing training sessions.

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There is more..

Job preperation

In order to fully prepare you for your future job, we include CV/LinkedIn/Job Interview trainings in the course.

Usage of professional tools

During the course, you will not only master the above coding languages, but you will also get used to using Slack, GitHub, Trello and other useful tools.

Events and meetups

When you are a Migracode students, you can visit many events and meetups in the tech-sector to extend your network.

Additional support

If you have any issues during the course, we offer one-to-ones with instructors and we also support with any other issues you may have.

Are you ready to apply?