You can also find all the information on this page in our official Corporate Social Responsibility Guide: an easy-to-read PDF document that gives you a summary of all the opportunities that we offer.

Why CSR?

It is becoming significantly important to not just think about company profits, but also about how a company can make a positive social impact in society.

By being a socially responsible company, many benefits arise. This is also understood as Shared Value: gaining competitive advantage while strengthening vulnerable communities.


We have a three-level model so any company can easily decide how much they want to be involved and see what they will get in return.

At level 1, a company will make the highest social impact, benefit the most and contribute directly to changing people’s lives. Through level 2 and 3 a company can still contribute to our program and contribute to social change.

What is the shared value for your company?

Depending on the level of your involvement, many benefits arise for your organisation and demonstrate to partners and competition how your organisation is making a positive social impact.

Continuous social media dissemination

A dedicated web page about your involvement

Company logo on our front page

MigraCode logo on your media

Articles and blog posts about your involvement

The different CSR levels


Hiring students

  1. Discover our students through our website, by joining our job fairs or by requesting their CVs
  2. Contact us to help us find the perfect match or contact students directly via LinkedIn
  3. Once a match is found, we will help you and the student through the process, cost-free

Funding courses

  1. Contact our partnership manager at to discuss the options
  2. Receive a customized proposal based on your preferences and interests
  3. Sign an agreement with the agreed funding and the established benefits for your company


Involving Trainees

  1. Choose between two traineeship options:
  • Traineeship Complete (from 20hs / week) – The student will be involved carrying out technical tasks, starting from 20hs a week
  • Traineeship Light (between 2 and 5hs / week) – The student will spend some hours a week with one of your developers to learn, and/or to build tests for your application
  1. To start, follow the same process for hiring

Donating Materials

  1. Choose between two types of donations:
  • New or used high-end laptops –
    Can be used by students during their course participation to be able to code effectively
  • Older lower-level laptops –
    Can be used to donate to graduates to allow them to continue coding after finishing MigraCode
  1. Contact us to submit a donation offer


Sending Volunteers

  1. There are 2 (flexible) options for your employees:
  • Instructor Volunteer – Involve members from your tech team(s) to teach our classes or offer tech support to our students
  • Employability Volunteer – Let members from your HR/Training team(s) support our students with soft skills and employability
  1. They can apply online or we can present the above

Organising an Event

  1. Choose between two types of events:
  • Hosting an event with us as a guest – Let us give a talk at your event to introduce MigraCode to your community and partners
  • Co-hosting an event with us – Let’s organise an event together to bring corporate-life together with nonprofit!
  1. Contact us to schedule a call to plan an event

Are you interested in becoming our partner or in collaborating through other ways? Please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.