The CodeWomen project within our MigraCode program encourages female students during their Migracode bootcamp, to work towards their successful graduation as Junior Web Developer. This project, volunteer-led, is one of the largest projects within the MigraCode Barcelona program and has been running since July 2020.

Migrant women in a male-dominated tech world

The project was started to deal with the difficult position of being a woman in the male-dominated tech world. According to data from the European Commission’s Women in Digital Scoreboard, 46% of women have reported experiences of discrimination in the European tech sector. An Atomico report on The State of European Tech found that out of sample of 175 companies, only one woman held an executive level position.

“The women who study at MigraCode work hard to make a career change into tech. We all know the tech world is a mostly male world and that can be intimidating. With the CodeWomen project, we hope to give some extra encouragement, through coding together and organizing workshops with women developers and their experiences. The tech world will definitely benefit from the talent these women bring.”

Henriette Hettinga – Volunteer and main organiser of CodeWomen

How does it work?

The CodeWomen project consists of two-weekly meetings, plus a dedicated Slack channel and a WhatsApp group for organising, sharing materials, asking questions, etc. The format of the meets is flexible and the women who participate set the agenda. They can come with questions or topics they would like to hear more about, present something themselves, or work on a coding project together. Women students can join if they want, but it is not an obligation or part of the bootcamp curriculum.

“… it is creative, it challenges you to solve problems, and the feeling of victory you get when you solve something after hours or days of frustration … that feeling is the best!”

One of the participants

The CodeWomen GitHub

You learn programming by building projects, and that is why CodeWomen has a GitHub organisation with 14 project repositories (and more on the way). These projects are challenges on different levels with detailed descriptions and examples, for starters, advanced students, and graduates. The projects include vital tools such as Git and Flexbox, and topics such as building an online resume, working with APIs, online forms, and more.

Are you a company? Start a CSR program by supporting CodeWomen!