A student’s perspective to navigating the tech industry with MigraCode

Thony Nava is a 28-years old-developer based in Barcelona. He describes himself as a “geek” because he has been extremely fascinated by coding since a very young age. At 14, he decided to take a Pascal programming language course during a summer break, and ever since, he has nurtured his coding skills.

The questions are then, why did he need MigraCode and why does he describe MigraCode as a game changer for his personal and professional life?

محادثة مفتوحة حول "متلازمة المنتحل": القيام بمعسكر تدريب على الترميز دون التشكيك في نفسك كل يوم

Giving priority to students’ mental health has always been an essential part of MigraCode Barcelona. we decided to have an open conversation with them about well-being and mental health, and one of the clear patterns that emerged was that many were experiencing the so-called impostor syndrome. But what is it, exactly?

How did MigraCode graduates overcome their fears and challenges?

Are you interested in applying for one of the courses offered by MigraCode but have doubts or fears that stop you? Then read this blog post! Some of our graduates have opened up and talked about what their fears were before starting their MigraCode’s bootcamp, which difficulties did they overcome, and what advice do they give to new students.