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Our Program

Migracode acts as a bridge between the demand for skilled people in the tech sector and people with a migration background who are eager to work in the tech industry.

Founded in 2019, we are cooperating with other code schools in Europe to build a large community of companies and students to foster both labor integration as well as social inclusion.

Our objectives

Together with our students, volunteers and partners we work towards the following outputs

Open Education

Open access to our school

We believe in equal opportunity for everyone and our academy is therefore freely accessible for people with a migration background and limited access to the labour market

Community Building

Brining people together

In order to foster not only labour but also social integration, we work towards inclusion of newcomers and host-country nationals through our program and our events

Job Placements

Fostering labour integration

We are in contact with many tech companies in and around Barcelona and we aim to find jobs for our students after they graduate from our coding course, with help from employability training

Additional Support

Offering more than just education

We do not only support our students with learning how to code, but we also offer soft skill trainings, psychological support and other forms of additional but necessary support

Dozens of volunteers involved, new students joining regularly and many corporate and nonprofit partnerships created

What do people say about us?

We work with many volunteers, partners and - of course - students. Read what they have to say about us! Below you can also find an overview of our corporate and non profit partners

Rahaf Bayazi

Rahaf Bayazi

Migracode Student from Syria

Thanks to Migracode I have made the professional change I have been looking for a long time ago, It is a great school and the people (Monitors, Managers and other staff) are really the soul of why that is. The people here care, they work hard, they work smart, they genuinely want the students to be successful even beyond the classes.

Alexander Ludwick

Alexander Ludwick

Employability Volunteer & Recruitment Specialist

I was completely humbled to hear these guys talk about their experiences and their sheer determination to upskill and become valuable, contributing members of society and never have I felt so privileged and lazy! I’m genuinely not sure who learned more.

Esteban Medina

Esteban Medina

Migracode Student from Venezuela

I believe that Migracode is much more than a program to learn web programming: Migracode is an all inclusive community where an individual learns about web programming while sharing life experiences with other individuals that have different abilities and approaches to life.

Giorgio Polvara

Giorgio Polvara

Volunteer Instructor and Professional Developer

Teaching at Migracode is an incredibly rewarding experience. Seeing the students going from virtually zero knowledge to being able to code their way out of complex problems is simply fantastic.

Cristal Bukler

Cristal Bukler

Employability Volunteer & Hospitality Specialist

Working at Migracode means that you not only have the opportunity to teach them how to stand out in the jobs market, but also how to stand out as people. Nothing more rewarding for me than knowing their life stories and providing them valuable resources to train their soft skills in order to conquer their own confidence.

Henriette Hettinga

Henriette Hettinga

Migracode Instructor & Bootcamp Graduate

Many students of Migracode have escaped very difficult circumstances in their home country. They work tremendously hard to improve their knowledge and skills because they know their future depends on their studies. I am impressed with their dedication and hard work. Migracode is literally a life-changing experience for them.

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Instructor Spotlight: Elena Raffay

ThoughtWorks full-stack developer Elena Raffay joined Migracode as a way to give back to the community. While having to move fully online isn’t ideal, she still enjoys being part of a diverse community of coders working to include historically marginalized groups in tech.