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Our Program

Migracode acts as a bridge between the demand for skilled people in the tech sector and people with a migration background who are eager to work in the tech industry.

Founded in 2019, we are cooperating with other code schools in Europe to build a large community of companies and students to foster both labor integration as well as social inclusion.

Have a look at our documentary by Jenny Dinwoodie, which is a perfect summary of what we do and why.

Built on four pillars

Together with our students, volunteers and partners we work with four pillars that reflect our values and objectives

Open Education

Open access to our school

We believe in equal opportunity for everyone and our academy is therefore freely accessible for people with a migration background and limited access to the labour market

Community Building

Bringing people together

In order to foster not only labour but also social integration, we work towards inclusion of newcomers and host-country nationals through our program and our events

Job Placements

Fostering labour integration

We are in contact with many tech companies in and around Barcelona and we aim to find jobs for our students after they graduate from our coding course, with help from employability training

Additional Support

Offering more than just education

We do not only support our students with learning how to code, but we also offer soft skill trainings, psychological support and other forms of additional but necessary support

Hire our graduates: cost-free recruitment while creating a social impact.

What are our graduates doing?

Many of our students have found future opportunities after they finish MigraCode Barcelona. Interested in reading more? Find some of the individual stories of MigraCode Graduates over here.

Rahaf Bayazi

Rahaf Bayazi

Workforce Manager @ Webhelp
Shaheen Akond

Shaheen Akond

Software Engineer in Test @ Roche
José Arriaga

José Arriaga

Full Stack Developer @ Nozama
Alexei Garban Valdeon

Alexei Garban Valdeon

Engineering Lead @ Platformable
Anandamaya Arno

Anandamaya Arno

Software Engineer @ FreeNow
Alexei Soliz Rueda

Alexei Soliz Rueda

CEO and Founder @ Pecolo

News, Events & Blog

Find our latest updates, upcoming events, articles and other useful information below

May, the Hackathon month

We explain you all the details about the Schneider Electric Hackathon, organised by Schneider Electric and NUWE; and the “Playing the Challenge” Hackathon, organised by CaixaBank Tech and NUWE.

Mums in tech: studying coding while raising a child

Code and children are both ironically similar in that they demand dedication on a daily basis, test your patience and perseverance, take precious sleeping hours, and might even make you cry considerable times. The CodeWomen participants Shaminderjeet and Nurjannah share their experiences.

Invest in the future of tech: host our CodeWomen sessions

CodeWomen has been growing more and more to the extent we now face a small practical problem: we need bigger spaces to carry out our coding and networking sessions! If you are a company and want to promote female talent in tech, this article is of your interest.

Looking for talent? Join our online Job Fair!

As every 5 months, MigraCode Barcelona is organising JobVersity: The most Diverse Talent Acquisition Event in BCN! The event is open for any tech company that is looking for new tech talent. Hiring our students is cost-free and will simultaneously create a big social impact. Our students are skilled in Full Stack Web Development and Tech Support, highly motivated and ready to work.